Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama is Dead but Jesus Still Lives

Nine eleven are two numbers that will continue to exist in infamy due to the date of the horrible attack on the U.S. by Iraqi terrorists resulting in the death of many that worked in the World Trade Center. Since then a "war on terror" has been proclaimed and engaged in. Recently Osama bin Laden has made news not due to an attack that he orchestrated but due to his killing by US military forces. Now it seems that many in the liberal and conservative world are rejoicing at his death as if its a new holiday. Albeit, the punishment of evil always bring a sense of satisfaction, I find it sickening the way so many are rejoicing in his death. His death proves nothing! Our economy is still in the toilet. The education system is still a joke. Funding is still being sent to demonic programs like Planned Parenthood that kills innocent babies. Many are still a hostage to drugs and sex resulting in murders, rapes, and molestation. And we still have homosexuals vying for rights they don't deserve. In other words this country, our society, our communities are still in a mess and Osama death doesn't change a thing. He wasn't the first terrorist and likely not the last.

Another Refutation of Rob Bell's Heretical View of Hell

I came across a wonderful article written by Ross Douthat a New York Times columnist in the Dallas Morning News newspaper. In this article Ross Douthat makes an excellent case for the necessity of Hell as related to the consequences of our human choices. He states " believe in God and not in hell is ultimately to disbelieve in the reality of human choices...the doctrine of hell, by contrast, assumes that our choices are real and that we are the choices that we make. the miser can become his greed, the murderer can lose himself inside his violence, and their freedom to turn and be forgiven is inseparable from their freedom not to do so." What great point! In other words, to take away the existence or even the necessity of hell is make humans unaccountable and inculpable for their actions and decisions. If there is no punishment for wrong doing then how could their be a reward for doing the right thing? It can't be both. Contradications are non-existence in a rational world.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eld. Thibadeaux: God Loves You

Many people don't realize what God has done to make salvation available for them. So many are deceived in thinking that loving God doesn't require much action, just an occasional visit to chuch every once in awhile and do-the-best-you-can lifestyle. Listen to this awesome message that explains what it means to be loved of God and how to love God back preached by Elder Thibadeaux at a street serviceEld. Thibadeaux God Loves You

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Desensitization: A Trick of the Devil

The word desensitize means to make less sensitive or to reduce the reactive power of something for a stimulus. For instance if a person wants to increase his resistance to an allergen, all they would need to do is constantly be exposed to that allergen over time until their immune system develops a resistance to it. Now desensitization is good for medical reasons, but when it comes to spiritual things or spiritual matters it can actually have harmful repercussions. When you consider the annual celebration of the Christian holiday, Easter, its not hard to guess what the subject matter is going to be on the 3rd Sunday of April. Usually a minister or pastor mounts the pulpit to take a text from a passage of scripture and relate it to the miracle of all miracles the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Every year, I'm sure, he/she hopes the message will have positve resounding effects as the believers are once again reminded of the great sacrifice Christ made at Calvary and the gurantee of our salvation and acceptance with God demonstrated by the resurrection of Christ on that glorious Sunday morning.