Monday, March 28, 2011

Its Wrong Because It Is SIN

We hear so much in this day and time about the LGBT agenda and homophobia and the like. Those that subscribe to the LGBT lifestyle says that anyone who disagrees with their lifestyle is promoting hate, while some of the people that disagree with the LGBT lifestyle treats homosexuals as a sub-human species. The fact of the matter is that homosexuals lesbians, gays, bi and transexuals are people. There every bit of human as anyone else. The issue with homosexuality is that so many are treating the symptoms but not getting to the root of the problem. One of the problems people have with the LGBT lifestyle is that its nasty, which I agree. Anytime a man plays with the sewage line of another male is wrong, disgusting, and putrid. But I don't disagree with the homosexual lifestyle based on its despicable repugnance,  I disagree with it because it is sin. See sin is the root of it all, and too many are treating homosexuals wrong because they think their sexual orientation is nasty. First of all, they should be treated like human beings, and second of all, it should be understood that they (the LGBT) are battling with a problem called sin. Sin is the root that's causing the fruit of homosexuality to  be as filthy and damaging that it is. Those that live that lifestyle should be delivered from sin; when sin is dealt with people will see the LGBT changed-or what the Bible calls, born again. This is the message that we should carry to those of the LGBT community, that what they are doing is not only nasty from man's point of view but its sin from God's point of view and God would have them delivered through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. The LGBT community should know that God loves them and wants to heal them just as he wants to heal/deliver the alcoholic from his drunken stupor, the prostitute from her promiscuity, the liar from lying, the gambler from gambling, the gangster from thugging, etc. SIN is the problem, but JESUS is the solution. We must not forget that the LGBT lifestyle is wrong because its sin, not simply because its nasty, and that God loves us all.  Be Blessed!