Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love Doesn't Always Win

Last month a book was published entitled Love Wins by esteemed author and pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church, Rob Bell. Pastor Bell is an interesting fellow because he follows Christianity with Eastern overtones. His latest book has caused a stir amongst evangelicals due to the interpretation of the doctrine regarding Hell. Pastor Bell asserts that this book deals with the misguided understanding of Hell as a place of eternal torment and that a "loving God" would not permit His creatures to fall prey to such a place. In this book Pastor Bell becomes another promoter of the fallacious doctrine of universal reconciliation or universalism, which is the same doctrine that caused popular evangelist Carlton Pearson to be ousted from bishopric and labeled as an heretic. Pastor Bell's  description of his book, in his own words, is that it "is a case for living with mystery rather than demanding certitude." The problem with this statement is that the Bible is quite clear on whether hell exists, why people go there, and ultimately what could be done to prevent a person's entrance. God does not leave us in ignorance.