Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama is Dead but Jesus Still Lives

Nine eleven are two numbers that will continue to exist in infamy due to the date of the horrible attack on the U.S. by Iraqi terrorists resulting in the death of many that worked in the World Trade Center. Since then a "war on terror" has been proclaimed and engaged in. Recently Osama bin Laden has made news not due to an attack that he orchestrated but due to his killing by US military forces. Now it seems that many in the liberal and conservative world are rejoicing at his death as if its a new holiday. Albeit, the punishment of evil always bring a sense of satisfaction, I find it sickening the way so many are rejoicing in his death. His death proves nothing! Our economy is still in the toilet. The education system is still a joke. Funding is still being sent to demonic programs like Planned Parenthood that kills innocent babies. Many are still a hostage to drugs and sex resulting in murders, rapes, and molestation. And we still have homosexuals vying for rights they don't deserve. In other words this country, our society, our communities are still in a mess and Osama death doesn't change a thing. He wasn't the first terrorist and likely not the last.
Bin Laden life did cause alot of pain and sorrow, and I'm pretty sure his death brings nothing more than a memory of loss that the U.S. suffered on 9/11 to the families that had to endure sudden bereavement. Now if there is a death or rather life of an individual that we should pay attention to and glory in would be that of Jesus Christ. This man did more to cure the disease of human evil than any person before Him or anyone else after Him. This individual lived a perfect sinless life, conqueroring everything that was contrary to to the existence of mankind. In his human life He demonstrated power and authority over nature, sickness, sin and even death. It is said by His disciple John that "there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen." Again this is during his lifetime. But when He died, His death actually meant something. He died for the sins of the entire world. His death orchestrated the justification of all sinners who would put their trust in his sacrifice at the cross. His death demonstrated the love of God towards all sinners regardless of their sin and lifestyle. His death culminated in the acquisition of victory for believers and eternal life for those born again. But Jesus didn't just die He rose again! There are no relics of Christ's bones anywhere or any casket holding his decayed body. Jesus is alive and if there was anybody that the country should rejoice it should be Him! He has the power to change the moral landscape of our nation, He can straighten out the homosexuals, deliver the drug addict, educate the ignorant, and give wisdom to America's governing body. Osama is dead and likely in hell, but JESUS STILL LIVES. Osama death changes nothing, but Christ resurrection changes everything! I could careless about the death of a famous terrorist whose death changes nothing in American society, but rather I'm grateful to God that there was a man who died and rose again for me and through Him the whole world and can changed morally, politcally and spiritually. I feel personally that if people gave as much attention and praise to God for the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ we would see a move of God all over the world... What do you think?

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  1. Jesus is alive! Osama is dead. Ghadafi is dead. Mohammed is dead. Buddah is dead. Hitler is dead. They laid Jesus in the grave, but He didn't stay there. He got up!