Monday, February 21, 2011

Disease or Demons???

I'm back and I have a lot of material and issues to get off my chest. Truly these are the last days and its time to become aware of the enemy of our souls-the devil/Satan, and his exploits in this world. This blog post is coming from an article I read in the Dallas Morning News paper detailing an incident with a young man who killed a teacher in cold blood. It was said of this young man named Byron that "he's proved he is a continuing threat...he's committed five knife attacks by the time he's 16, with one death and several other serious injuries. There's no reason to think it won't happen again. But there's a bigger question here: What do we do with kids like this?" In order to answer Tonda Curry's question, the Assistant DA of Smith County, we need to determine the root cause of this young man's dilemma. Most people would probably say this is a young man with mental issues. In fact according to the report Emily Fallis, a forensic pschologist, concluded that the teen is a schizophrenic and remains delusional and dangerous. It is true that there are people who suffer from schizophrenia and is manic depressive and bipolar, however, it would be wrong to assume that each case of psychotic manslaughter is due to mental instability.

See one of the many problems in this day and age is that too many disregard or simply disbelieve in the existence of demons. Some, in the medical field, think they can medicate anything or anybody and that should solve all our problems. They want to medicate the rapisits, the homosexuals, the juvenile delinquents, alcoholics, drug addicts and murderers and believe that medicine will settle the issue. The truth is you can't medicate a demonic spirit. They have to be cast out by the power of the Holy Ghost. Taking Robitussin won't cure alcoholics any more than mental pills for the legally insane. We just need to face facts that there are people that are possessed by demonic spirits and man doesn't have the power or the wherewithal to see to their deliverance.

If we look at the case of Byron, the 17 year old knife fanatic, we'll see that there was more going on behind the scenes than him being mentally unstable. He says himself that "voices told him to kill and that violence will heal him" It is also reported by Dallas Morning News that "Byron veered between bizarre monologues and awkward pauses that are often a sign of auditory hallucinations (in other words, he was hearing things). He also confided that voices previously urging him to kill were promising that following their orders would help him go to Seattle and be a co-star in iCarly." ...So the boy was demon possessed. We have got to wake up to the reality of the invisible spirit-world. Just as there is a God for our good, there are demon bent on mankind's demise. I beg to differ with people that want to pass this off as a mental issue. His case does not illustrate the difficulty in finding treatment and incarceration for the severely mentally ill juvenile offenders! His case illustrates the reality of demonic forces and necessity for people to be empowered by the Spirit of God! This boy doesn't need medical attention; at least not from an ordinary doctor. This boy needs a prognosis and treatment from the Great Physician Jesus Christ, who doesn't use temporary solutions as regular doctors do, but this Holy anointed apothecary applies his own virtue to deliver individuals. Consider the man possessed with Legion in the 5th chapter of Mark: no one could tame this man, he was often bound with chains which was easily broken to pieces. You could find this man streaking like an exhibitionist in the graveyards cutting himself with stones because of his torment. Ahhh but one day he met the Master of every situation, Jesus Christ, and after Jesus got through casting those devils out of him the Bible says people found him clothed and in his right mind. So that leaves me to believe if your mind is wrong and has gone left and doctors has done all they could do without any pschological improvement, be encouraged because hope is not lost. Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God has everything that you need and guess what, his treatment is free! All you have to do is be willing to be delivered, believe that Christ died in your place for your sins and rose again and you shall be saved. After that get the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:1-4 and I promise you, you'll never be the same again. Disease or Demons? Both? It doesn't matter because God's power can heal you of any normal or abnormal malady. Be Blessed!