Thursday, January 13, 2011

Aim for the Heart not the Mind

"'It is what it is, you can't changed somebody's mind' I heard this yesterday as someone looked at the article 'Disclaimer to Every Homosexual' on my blog. I take issue with this statement because essentially you CAN change somebody's mind if you get them to look at the situation differently or rather, consider another viewpoint. In the case of homosexuality, many believed that they are born that way, eventually leading them to accept a lifestyle that's met with hostility and unacceptability. There is rise in accepting this alternate way of living through the LGBT movement. But irregardless to this recent increase of acceptance, many if not most that live that way are not happy of the way that they are living. They feel llike outcasts to this society, and even unsatisfied to themselves. I refuse to feel or think that it is what it is and I shouldn't try to change their minds when I know that God loves them despite not approving of their way of living. Once I can get them to see that God loves them and that they CAN live a different way-changing their perspective-I'm not satisfied with just changing their minds, I should offer Christ to them so that their HEART can be changed! God is all about the Heart. And it doesn't matter who you are or what kind of lifestyle you live, God can change your heart and consequently change your lifestyle. GOD Loves everybody and wants all to be saved through Jesus Christ. If there's anything that's is what it is it, its that!"

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