Friday, December 17, 2010

A Disclaimer to Every Homosexual

One cannot deny that there is a gay agenda in America. This agenda is purported on the radio, news, and movies. There are many in the LGBT community that thinks Christians are hateful towards their cause and lifestyle, and let me say, I ask the apology of those that have been discriminated or treated less than a human due to your particular lifestyle from a "Christian". I do not excuse religous extremists that go as far to say that "God hate Gays". Listen God does NOT hate gays or any of the LGBT community. God hates sin, and sin is at the roots of the LGBT lifestyle. Homosexuality goes against the very nature and law of God. It is against the laws of nature for 2 men or 2 women cannot produce children or procreate. Sinners, if they don't repent for their sins will go to a place called hell. This place exists, this place is real and this place should be avoided.

I read an article today from Blogging Religiously, and in it the Southern Poverty Law Center has chosen to label Christian groups as hate groups. This is my response to that classification. Any real Christian knows that God is love. And most if not all Christians should know that if it wasn't for love they wouldn't be where they are today. God's love transcends man's finite reason and understanding because nothing had to force or make God love us, he chose to of his on will and volition. He knew you and I would need to be redeemed from sin and through love made that redemption possible through his Son, Jesus Christ. I don't care if you're a homosexual, a liar, gambler, rapist, smoker, drug addict, alcoholic or otherwise God loves you. He cares about you and wants the best for your life. There are religious extremists that take the hatred for sin too far, those are not Christians, but understand that God does not approve of your lifestyle and if you be honest you don't enjoy it either. You bought the lie that the devil told you and accepted that you were "different" and "born that way".  But the devil is a liar!

 If you are apart of the LGBT community you can be changed and your lifestyle CAN be different if you accept Christ as your saviour. Look over your life, look at the things that you've done, the tears that it brought you and the pain and emptiness in your heart, and then look to Christ who says "come unto me all ye that are laden, and heavy laden, and I will give you rest". If you be honest you're tired of trying to justify and injustifiable lifestyle and you know its time for a change. The media controlled by the Left wants to make this a Culture war-its a war, but not a Culture war, this is a war for your soul and you need to fight! Jesus is soon to return to this earth and if your soul is not lined up with God's program it will be too late. I hope you can hear the love and compassion that this is being typed in, because the devil will have you believe that this is just another individual who thinks he's better than you, that's looking down on you. That's not so, if I am "looking down" on you its only to pick you up, because I was once looked down upon years ago by a gracious and all-powerful God that told me my life could be changed. I was a sinner that need to be saved and gave me his salvation. He set me free from cussing, smoking weed, and lying-and I come to tell you he can set you free too! Christians don't hate you. We hate sin. Your soul is precious and God wants to save it-and not just you of the LBGT community, but every sinner for the Bible says that "God is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all would come to repentance." Homosexual, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, whatever.. God loves you and can change your life. Just try Him..

If these words wasn't enough to convince you of Christ love and concern for your life consider this message from Pastor Jack Graham.


  1. This is a subject that will only grow over time, it is sad but I believe there will be a time when what is written here will be considered hate speech and subjected to blocking but until then we must preach the "true" gospel.

    Wow...I have a lot more respect for Jack Graham after hearing that message...I thought he was like every other TV preacher...Preach!

  2. It seems as if some of the poeple from the LGBT community cannot separate the lifestyle from humanity. They think their lifestyle validates their humanity and that is not true. Their lifestyle proves that they're in need of redemption, and that is true of all people. And they call this "hate speech"-this is a rescue mission.