Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christams is here...but where is the Mas of Christ?

So, today is the day. I'm sure most people woke up, and the kids couldn't wait to open their gifts, and people wanted to see who bought them what. But who opened up to talk about Jesus Christ, his divinity and his reason for coming, our reason for celebrating this time, or what the implications of him not coming would have meant to humanity? I just ask the question, living in a country that rejects Christ, but don't mind taking off for the holiday. Or using it as a time to commercialize any and everything that they can. I don't mind the commercialization. I just hate what we've lost in the process. I don't mind knowing I can get certain things cheaper, but I hate knowing that's all that is on people's mind. You know that it's pretty insane for people to be camped out in front of stores for days, trampling people to death for an item that their kids are going to dismiss in about a month. Is this the more of Christ, or the more of the anti-Christ? All we want is what we want, and trust me, the gifts that are given isn't done because of self-sacrifice. Let's just remember that the reason for the season is because God gave his Son. His Son gave his life. And we have an opportunity; not an automatic spot, but an opportunity to be saved, and to go back with Jesus when he comes.

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  1. Nice one sir! Great way to bring the focus back on the Christ of Christmas and not the commercialization that it has become..